Sunday, November 19, 2017

Extra | Be extraordinary


Woke up extra early, hence feeling extraordinary : )
Read extra pages of the Quran during unusual hours, hence feeling extraordinary.
Enjoying being myself and not caring to fit in, hence feeling extraordinary.

"We don't have to be ordinary," said one young Canadian singer, Shawn Mendes, I saw on Twitter. That's a simple yet powerful statement. Empowering too.

Ahh...wait, that's the first call to prayer (iqamah) for Subuh, I'm hearing. The mosque in my village in Gelugor, Penang had recently begun calling the fajr azan twice, as required by the State's Islamic Council. That's wonderful indeed. It's always good to make an extra effort, calling people to do good i.e. perform solah and pave the way to falah (success).

OK, it's time for me to do something extra now before Subuh comes.
Suddenly, the word extra sounds kinda sexy and pretty. LOL.

Have a happy and fruitful Sunday, folks. Fruitful in terms of dunya and akhirah. 
Do extra.
Score extra.

Basking in the morning sun, a couple of days ago.
When life is good, be grateful and no need to be apologetic about it.
When life gets a little challenging, be patient and face it with
extra strength.
Extra deeds bring added benefits.
Extra early early-birds catch extra worms.
Whereas, late risers get extra baggy eye-bags.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Be ready and willing


This highly encouraging advice by Wayne Dyer:

Let's be ready and willing to welcome miraculous bounties. Allah is more generous than we could ever imagine. And of course, we all know that He gives even when He seems to withhold.

"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck."
- Dalai Lama

Week No 46 - done (pretty pleasantly Alhamdulillah)
Enjoy the weekend. May we occupy ourselves with deeds that are pleasing to the Creator.
Be ready and willing!
: )

Always ready for an awesome day in Penang:

Oh great Lord, how can an innocent girl who reads at least 10 pages of Quran a day and does quite a bit of wirid regularly, gets labelled a Satan?! LOL. Is it because she has nice photos here? Is it because she appears to be blessed with a wonderful life? Ahh...let me say for the umpteenth time, we should love and impress ourselves cos people are going to judge anyway even though they should be more worried about their own clan 😛
Okay whatever, I'm heading to the beach later. 
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah : ) 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Love yourself | Friday bliss


"Love is the great 
miracle cure.
Loving ourselves 
works miracles 
in our lives."
- Louise Hay
(American motivational author 1926-2017)

Have a blessed day, folks.
Take care and love yourself.

Am cherishing the opportunity to earn a ticket to heaven - serve my mother 😁 Alhamdulillah
[Carries more weight for me than attending talks that make you feel good for a short while. I think we have to be smarter at prioritizing according to our own unique circumstances.]

Let's have our heart attached to one special man - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Sollu alan Nabi.


Much love (for myself lol)

Penang's popular snacks
Jeruk Pak Ali
[and Charbroil Recipe Hiong Piah Brown Sugar biscuits]
#onlyinpenang #proudtobeamalaysian

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Be more


Alhamdulillah to be in Penang again, to have the opportunity to be dutiful to my dear mother, to do a little bit more. And be more.

Quote by @InspowerMinds

Back at my fave couch in da houze.
And back to hammocking at a fave secret spot.
Alhamdulillah we get to learn something every day
from this universe-sity.
"Blessed are they who see beautiful things
in humble places where other people see nothing"
-Camillle Pissarro

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A reward without measure | The good-doers' troop


Be steadfast and patient in doing good/being virtuous, if you want a reward without measure/reckoning. This I learned from Verse 10 of Surah Az Zumar (The Troops).

You know, every year as an employee we get measured up and our annual bonus depends on our efforts/contributions that are being carefully assessed before the employer determines the final performance score. But here in this verse, we might get a reward/compensation in full without having to go through any reckoning, if we were to be patient and steadfast, how cool is that?! 

Let's join in the good-doers' troop.

Surely, you can do better than her!

"Say: O my servants who believed! Be Godfearing of your Lord. For those who did good in the present, there is benevolence, and the earth of God is one who is extensive. Only ones who remain steadfast will have their compensation without reckoning."
Translation by Laleh Bakhtiar from

Say: 'O servants of Mine who believe. 
Fear your Lord. For those who are virtuous in this world,
there will be good, and God's earth is vast.
Truly the steadfast will be paid their full reward in full
without any reckoning.'
Translation by Royal Al Bayt Institute from

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Make a dashing dash | Join in the universe's qura'at and exceed all


Hope everyone is keeping busy being healthy, wealthy and happy.
By the way, being wealthy means being rich in matters of dunya and akhirah.

We have come to mid-November. Alhamdulillah.
Let's fill up the "dash" of our life in the best possible manner.
Do things that carry weight for eternity.
Quran, zikr (especially through salat) and salawat carry plenty of weight.
The rest is just a light fleeting filler.
Think about it.

What is the best zikir in the "eyes" of Allah?
I found this brilliant definition on IslamToday.

Before you read on, this is my takeaway from the article:
Let's join in the universe's qura'at.

"As a rule, the word zikr (also dhikr) is used to mean different ways of praising and elevating Allah and making duas. Some scholars say that zikr is any kind of words or actions which turn into the reason for receiving a reward.
According to Quran, zikr is salat (or namaz) which is the most universal way of worshipping. When a believer performs salat, he or she remembers Allah and praises Him. To satrt a salat, a believer performs ablution. Preparing for salat and thinking that shortly you will stand in front of God, you remember Allah and pray to Him.
Zikr also includes your intention and takbir. A believer continues to remember Allah when he praises Him and says that there is no God but Him. A believer also reflects on the meaning of ayats which he or she reads. The condition of a believer's heart changes depending on the ayats which he is reading. The most considerable zikr is belief in Allah and constant memory of Him. While performing salat, zikr is presented by reading Quran. zikr of your heart during salat is presented by your reflections, fear, hope and love. 
A human being has a body and a soul. Likewise, this world consists of the visible and invisible worlds. A human body, like this visible world, consists of some material substance. So zikr performed by the human body is a symbol of the zikr performed by the universe.
Thundering, leaves palpitation, birdsong and all the rest sounds of this world are some kind of qura'at. When reading Quran during salat, we join this zikir and exceed all the rest."


Monday, November 13, 2017

Mantra for Week #46 of Twenty Seventeen


May you and I have a productive and rewarding week.
There's much good in keeping busy and productive.
A little progress each day 
adds up to big results.

And think happy thoughts in order to have a rewarding week.

Wama tawfiqi illah billah.

And one more thing, let's count our blessings.

[O Allah, thanks for giving me nice scarves, nice smile, nice earrings, nice everything. LOL]

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

"At the end, people will judge you anyway. So don't live your live impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself."
- @TheSecretForYou

Too bad if some people are not happy seeing my photos here.
I'm super excited exploring my Samsung Note8. Wait til I get iPhone8 and Oppo F5 🤣